Choosing the Right Care

It’s important to research your care provider when deciding for yourself or a loved one. That includes knowing what the care provider is qualified for, and what kind of experience they have.

Lisa Zablotny, RPN, has years of practical and teaching experience in nursing, and considers the client’s overall well-being when developing an individualized care plan.

“Words cannot express the care, compassion and the love you gave. We will always be grateful for your support during the hardest time of our lives. You are family to us.”
-Donna, Cindy, John, Amanda and Matthew
“This is your calling Lisa, you are gifted in your nursing skills for end of life care and also your high level of understanding the human experience in loss and having total compassion for the plight of others. It was a pleasure working with you,  I appreciated your professionalism in communication and actions with my patient even at times when you were sleep deprived and low on resources. You still kept going to ensure constant care and comfort of the patient and his family until his journey here was over. Well done”
-Doctor M.
“I can’t thank you enough for your professional help through this ordeal. To lose my wife is the toughest thing I’ve ever gone through but you made it more bearable. I am so grateful she got to go peacefully at home how she wanted because of you”
-Jeff C.
“Lisa, our family is forever grateful for the kindness you have shown us including the amazing care you provided to our Dad, thank you”
-Amy L.
“I want to extend a huge thank you for the care and heart you’ve put into the family over the last several weeks Lisa. I consider it a privilege to know you and I have a full heart having shared this difficult time with someone like you at the helm. You brought dignity, peace, calm, professionalism and immaculate care during what is the most difficult time in a person’s life. I will miss you”
-Connie W.
“Thank you Lisa for giving us 4 much needed days away from caring for Mom so that we could renew our energy mentally and physically. You were so soft and skilled at handling Mom and her complex health issues, she was in the best hands with you and we didn’t have to worry while we were trying to decrease existing stress”
-Robert H.
“I’m so grateful I hired you, you have taught us a lot and were always transparent. We know mom and dad always felt comfortable with you along with the 3 of us. I can’t imagine you not being a part of our lives now and we thank you for everything” -Cindy L.
“You have been in all our thoughts as well and we will be forever grateful to you in so many ways. We look forward to receiving your invoice so we can pay you which will never be enough in our eyes, and I mean those words. With so much affection.”
-Ellen P.

The Benefits of Home Nursing Care

Staying in the familiar and comforting setting of one’s home is important to many people. Home care delivers the needed services to ensure overall physical, mental and spiritual health. Clients can also expect to be cared for by the same nurse each time, which helps to form a therapeutic bond. You can also rest assured the level of care will be consistent each visit.

By choosing an independent care provider, you will avoid the administrative costs that come with larger agencies.