Nursing Care Services

Since 2007 I have gained an abundance of nursing  experience in various environments, continuing to enhance skills and obtain additional certifications and perform research based best practice so that I am always providing excellent care to my clients. My primary service offered is caring for adult clients who are in the final stages of life-limiting illnesses and seeking private comfort care at home.  I also offer short term respite services for families of palliative and senior clients so that they may rejuvenate for their own well-being while having peace of mind knowing their loved ones are safe and well cared for in their absence. I work with community physicians, allied health care coordinators and agencies, specialty pharmacies and medical equipment suppliers to assist in facilitating the care I provide.

Services and areas of expertise include:

  • In-home Hospice Care- 24 hour live-in option
  • Palliative Care Respite-24 hour live-in option
  • Senior Care Respite- 24 hour live-in option


  • End of life Care, implementation of all comfort measures
  • Symptom management, medication and oxygen administration
  • Initiation and monitoring of pain medication pumps
  • Incontinence care and catheter initiation and maintenance
  • Initiation of intravenous and subcutaneous lines
  • Discussion with clients & families re: initiating DNR and Expected death in home forms
  • Consulting with family physicians for orders and support
  • Mental Health and emotional support for clients and families
  • Wound Care Management-prevention and all care related to existing
  • Tracheostomy Care- with and without supplemental oxygen
  • G-tube Maintenance and Care
  • Diabetes Management-insulin and non-insulin dependent
  • Dementia Care and support of those with mental illness
  • Hygiene, activities of daily living Care